Wellbeing through electricity

is a vision by Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association and Association of Finnish Electrical Designers NSS
of the future and the role of electricity in our daily life in 2030:

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 Themes of the vision:

Image 1 Aware of consumption small


People are aware of their own energy consumption
and can influence it

Homes and workplaces are more energy efficient than ever before.
Tracking one's energy consumption is easy and interesting.

The amount and price of electricity affect every day choices.
People want to keep their energy consumption low and to schedule it in accordance with price fluctuations.

Intelligent electrical solutions and household appliances ensure that the system saves both money and energy.

 Image 2 Energy-efficient houses small


Buildings are energy efficient and
produce their own energy

Buildings require less heating power. Old buildings have been upgraded to be energy efficient and the new ones are zero-energy buildings.

Buildings produce renewable energy from sun, wind, air and earth.
They store part of it for example to an electrical vehicle and sell the excess to
the main power grid.

Intelligent electrical and automation solutions serve the residents and
the environment.


 Image 3 Smart grids small


Power grids are smart

Energy users, producers and storages, like electric cars, are all connected by
a smart grid that gathers and distributes energy produced in decentralized way.

Smart grid ensures that there is enough undisturbed electricity available everywhere. It balances differences between consumption and production
allowing an increase in use of emission-free solar and wind power.

In addition to energy, the smart grid conveys control information.

 Image 4 Electric traffic small


Electricity is widely powering transportation

Electric vehicles serve commuting and daily affairs. Electricity is also widely used as a power source in public transportation, delivery vans and machinery.

Noise, particle emissions and other environmental hazards are significantly reduced.

The recharging grid covers both residential and business areas. High speed recharging stations can be found along highways and in sparsely populated areas.

Image 5 Life is safer and comfortable small


Life is safer and more comfortable than ever before

Undisturbed electric power is assured everywhere in Finland.

Electricity adds comfort for example, by adjusting lighting and air conditioning according to the needs of the inhabitants.

E-communication brings services straight to home and improves the quality of life.

Smart buildings increase safety and wellbeing. Everyday tasks are easy even for the elderly and life is comfortable.



See the presentations of the seminar on the 9 May 2012 (available only in Finnish) >>

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